DXDM-2000 Solution of Automatic Magnetic Tape Demagnetizer

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Characteristics of DXDM-2000 demagnetizing machine:


1. The solution is designed for magnetic tape according to the materials and frequency features, which could meet the requirement of demagnetizing the whole disk. The Demagnetizer adopts the conveyor demagnetization mode.

2. Satisfy the power supply condition of the buyer

3. There is a power supply indicator light and a working indicator light on the demagnetizer.

4. Adopt a synchronous transferring function and the speed of the conveyor is adjustable.

5. The dimension of the demagnetizer: 2500*780*1200mm

6. It could equip a tray to receive the material at the end. (It is optional. Please indicate whether need or do not need this accessory. ) Across type demagnetized in one time.


Video of DXDM-2000 demagnetizing machine:




Origin of DXDM-2000 demagnetizing machine


This conveyor demagnetization machine is designed for an Australian company for magnetic tape demagnetization.


At the end of 2016, we received inquiries from customers and provide detailed drawings and solutions according to their needs. After that, the customer sent samples to test the demagnetization effect, and we sent the sample back after demagnetization. Upon receipt of the sample, the customer was very satisfied with our demagnetization effect and report, but due to the limited budget in 2017, the project was temporarily put on hold.


In 2020, the budget was approved and the customer restarted the project to purchase the conveyor demagnetizer. Thanks to our customers for their trust and support, we have kept the original price for them.

According to the standard process, the customer places the order and we arrange the production. After we finished production, the customer sent us a new sample to test the machine. Due to the change of sample parameters, the demagnetization effect did not meet the requirements.

After our company updated and rectified the machine, the customer sent the sample again. The demagnetization effect was very good this time, and the customer was very satisfied with the demagnetization result and our service.


In the end, we and the client completed the project perfectly. Right now, this demagnetizer is in Australia and working perfectly at its job. We are in regular contact with our clients to exchange views. Dexingmag products can play an essential role in its position is our consistent pursuit.


Thank you again for your trust and support, any requirements or technical questions please feel free to contact us!


Written by Carina Qian


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