Quality Inspection Report: 3DXMP70-02 Custom Airgap Electromagnet

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left view of 3DXMP70-02 Custom Airgap Electromagnet 3DXMP70-02 Custom Airgap Electromagnet air gap of 3DXMP70-02 Custom Airgap Electromagnet


Overall Dimensions: 478mm(L) x 230mm(W) x 345mm(H)

Weight: 64kg


Performance test report
    1. Test purpose
Through the analysis of the test results, the evaluation of the product performance is obtained;
Evaluate whether the test product meets the technical requirements;
Provide reference data for product design and after-sales service, and provide a strong basis for leaving the factory.
    2. Basic information
 Product Name:
Product model: 3DXMP70-02
Test time: May. 25, 2024
    3. Testing environment
The detection environment is closer to the actual environmental conditions used by the user, including factors such as lead wire length and ambient temperature. The time is selected in the time interval where the fluctuation of the geomagnetic field is small. Before the test, the instruments required for the test were turned on and warmed up in advance and the measurement environment was recorded, as shown in Table 1.
Measurement environment
Environment temperature Product initial temperature Lead length Environmental magnetic field
10.0℃ 10.0℃ 3m 0~30000nT
Table 1 Measurement environment data
Magnetic field parameter test
    1. Using the device
DX-180 Gauss Meter
    2. Magnetic field measurement
This product uses the following measurement methods:
Fixed-point measurement: measure the magnetic field at the target point
Magnetic field strength
Air Gap Display current (A) Display voltage Voltage (V) Magnetic field
50mmGap/Horizontal 2 - 499.2
50mmGap/Horizontal 4 - 1015.2
50mmGap/Horizontal 6 - 1525.3
50mmGap/Horizontal 8 - 2018.6
50mmGap/Horizontal 10 - 2482.6
15mmGap/Vertical 1 - 378.8
15mmGap/Vertical 2 - 764.6
15mmGap/Vertical 3 - 1154.9
15mmGap/Vertical 4 - 1540.4
15mmGap/Vertical 5 - 1881.3
Table 2 Magnetic field strength data
Note: When the lower electrode sample stage is not installed and the upper electrode scale is 25mm, the actual air gap is 30mmGap.
Electrical parameter test
    1. Using equipment
Digital multimeter
Impedance analyzer
    2. Test method
The digital instrument with bridge circuit and voltammetry is used for measurement. The measurement results are shown in the table below.
Resistance R measurement
No. Product temperature Measuring resistance ResistanceR@20℃ ResistanceR@85℃
Horizontal 10.0℃ 3.040Ω 3.187Ω 4.139Ω
Vertical 10.0℃ 2.660Ω 2.788Ω 3.622Ω
Table 3 Resistance R data
    3.Temperature test
This product uses the following measurement methods:
a. Using magnetic field temperature rise measurement: given the limit working time and maximum temperature under the target magnetic field current required by the user.
b. Maximum current temperature rise measurement: Measure the ultimate working time and maximum temperature under the maximum safe current that the product can withstand
c. Measure the data on temperature, time and current of the entire coil. The measurement results are shown in the table below.
Temperature rise test
Current[A] Working time[min] Initial Temp[℃] End Temp[℃]
8 20 8.6 25.2
Table 4 Relationship data between temperature, working time and current
The magnetic field and electrical performance of the product meet the requirements of the corresponding technical parameters. The final performance of the product is subject to this document.