DX-102F Portable AC and DC Gauss Gauge

Technical Parameter:


DC measurement:

1. Range: ±30kG, ±6kG, ±600G DC

2. Display resolution: 3 3/4、3 6/7 bit

3. Test resolution: 10G, 1G, 0.1G

4. Accuracy: (1% reading +0.05%range) @ 25℃±5℃

5. Rate of reading: 10 readings/ s


AC measurement:

1. Range: ±3.6kG, ±1.2kG, ±120G RMS

2. Display resolution: 2 3/4、3 1/2 bit

3. Test resolution: 10G, 1G, 0.1G

4. Accuracy: ±3% reading @ 25℃±10℃ (30Hz—10kHz, sinusoidal wave)

5. Rate of reading: 5 readings/ s.


Main Features:


Hall probe: 1. Universal all-copper/glass fiber package, calibration-free digital transverse hall probe. 2. Multipoint linear correction, proprietary RTN1 zero stability and noise reduction techniques. 3. Temperature coefficient: (0.05% reading + 0.02G) /℃ @ 25℃±10℃ 4. Automatic- calibration zero;

Automatic control: Standards equipped with internal USB—RS-232C conversion interfaces and easy-to-use interface features. Provides complete command set.

Interactive capacity: White backlight FSTN LCD display 3×4 key interactive keyboard operation with display;

Mathematical computation: Maximum value maintenance and relative value function G、T、A/m unit transformation;

Electricity and charging: 1. 1850mAh lithium polymer battery 2. Charging using standard USB interface (500mA) 3. Built-in lithium battery charge manager and LED indicator 4. The charging interface also serves as a communication interface.




DX-102F Portable AC and DC Gauss Gauge




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DX-102F is a portable AC and DC gauss gauge used for measuring the surface magnetic field of permanent magnets and the working magnetic field of DC motors and magnetic separators. DC Measurement Range: 30kG, 6kG, 600G; AC Measurement Range: 3.6Kg, 120G;
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