Silicon Steel Sheet Iron Loss Tester

Working principle and application:

DX-30SST Silicon Steel Sheet Iron Loss Meter adopts the SCM technique and analog electronics technique, the magnetic circuit of the permeameter adopts low loss silicon steel iron core, it is a small tester for measuring the characteristics of silicon steel sheet, met the requirements of tracing the brand of silicon steel sheet.
The design of the hardware circuit is according to Chinese industry-standard(GB / 3655-2000), through real-time sampling for the secondary induction voltage V and primary exciting current I to compensate air to below 1.0mV. It adopts the wave feedback technology, to ensure that the sinusoidal waveform of magnetic flux, compared with similar products, the measuring data will be more accurate.



  1. The accurate measurement of closed-circuit permeameter for the oriented and non-oriented silicon steel;
  2. Loss measurement of open-circuit permeameter for the monolithic stator P1.5/50;
  3. The closed-circuit measurement can lock magnetic induction Bm, then measure Ps;
  4. The closed-circuit measurement can lock excitation magnetic strength Hm, then measure magnetic induction Bm;
  5. The closed-circuit permeameter achieves the compensation of zero magnetic flux;
  6. Micro-square has continued the standard square;
  7. Directly operating on the panel, one machine can finish the test of set points;
  8. With the RS232 interface, which can be connected to a PC, and matched with test software, it can measure the BH hysteresis loop, u-H permeability curve, and Ps-B loss.




  1. Input voltage: 220V±20V/0.5A, 50Hz
  2. Output voltage: 15V/1.5A (50/60Hz)
  3. Setting range of saturation magnetic induction Bm: 500mT~1900mT
  4. Setting range of excitation magnetic strength Hm: 100A/m~10000A/m
  5. Ps accuracy: 2.0%, Bm accuracy: 2.0%



DX-30SST silicon steel sheet iron loss tester can be matched with different excitation tooling according to the actual test.

  1. Open circuit permeameter: suitable for the monolithic test in the finished silicon stator. It can directly test under P1.5/50, with an accuracy of 5.0%.
  2. Closed-circuit permeameter: suitable for the accurate measurement of the monolithic silicon stator whose length is above 150mm and width is between 20mm and 30mm.
  3. DX-30SST test software: realize the measurement of Hysteresis loop, demagnetization curve, Ps, Bm, Br, Hc,ua, δ, etc.


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DX-30SST silicon steel sheet iron loss tester adopts a small-scale magnetic permeability meter design (30SST) and refers to the general magnetic permeability meter test standard, through the transfer of the value traced to the source of the opposite ring sample, the effective magnetic circuit length is determined, and the complete air magnetic flux compensation, to meet the direct measurement of a single sample, the test is very convenient and more accurate.
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