DX-210B High Precision Magnetic Flux Meter

DX-210B High precision magnetic flux meter




1. Directly read magnetic flux data;

2. Judge the direction of integration by “+” or “-”;
3. Suitable for matching with different integration coils and fixtures;
4. Adjust stably, low drift, less than 1uWb/min;
5. High input impedance, the coil has a small effect on the test.
6. Inspection of conventional DC magnetic field;



Technical index


1. Test range: ± 3.0000mWb \ ± 30.000mWb \ ± 300.00mWb \ ± 3000.0mWb four levels (can be changed as required);

2. Corresponding input impedance: 1k ohm, 10k ohm, 100k ohm, 1000k ohm;

3. Power supply: AC 50Hz, 220V0.5A;

4. High precision, full-scale accuracy reaches ± 0.1%, resolution error range is ± 1/30000;

5. Drift degree: very low integral drift, after the warm-up reaches a stable state, the minimum drift amount within 24 hours is less than 1uWb;

6. Minimum resolution: 0.1uWb (corresponding to 3mwb range);

7. Volume: 285mm × 300mm × 100mm, weight: 3kg; (width * depth * height);

8. Operating environment: -45 ℃ -38 ℃; humidity: <85%; environmental sea wave: <3500 meters.

DX-210B low-drift magnetic flux meter is mostly characterized by the rapid testing induction response, high test accuracy, and no loss of testing data. The user can measure samples with the pulling method, and the test date can nearly be independent of the pulling speed. The repeatability of the tested magnetic flux date is good. DX-210B low drift magnetic flux meter is a good integrator that can simulate the circuit design and with wide applications.
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