DX-201 Oxide Scale Tester


Simple test of DX-201 Oxide Scale Tester


On the one hand, it can quickly and effectively detect the status of the power plant boiler stainless steel tube internal oxide scale flaking accumulation, excludes stainless steel tube oxide scale too much leading to pipes brust; on the other hand, it can also provide effective data support for overall oxidation corrosion status of heating surface in the boiler stainless steel tube to help achieve the safety assessment of the boiler.


DX-201 Oxide Scale Tester


Technical Parameters


1. Power supply: AC 220V/0.5A.

Test range: 20.00 mWb with peak hold function.

2. The accuracy of the DC magnetic field is better than 1.0% (corresponding to the full range of each gear).

3. Minimum resolution of magnetic field: 10uWb.

4. Volume: 250mm × 180mm × 100mm; weight: 1.2kg.

5. Operating environment: 0 ℃ to +50 ℃; humidity: 35 ~80%.


Front Panel


Front Panel of DX-201 fluxmeter


POWER: Power Switch 

PROBE: Probe Connection

RESET: Zeroing

ADJ: zero adjustable




Configuration and Usage Instructions


Step 1, Charging: Firstly connect the attached charger with 12VDC socket on the back panel of the flux meter, then connect the plug of the charger to 220V AC power(the plug is Chinese Standard, the user can connect with an adapter/conversion connector of the user’s country), in order to charge the battery in the device, in a few hours it can be charged completely, you can use it in the charging or after fully charged.


Back Panel of dx-201 fluxmeter


Step 2, POWER: Please choose the special test probe head to connect with the DX-201 Measurement Device according to tests of tube models. Then press the red "POWER" power switch on the front panel of the instrument, and the meter has a digital display.


the special test probe head to connect with the DX-201 fluxmeter


Step 3, Zero Adjustment: After startup, the value displayed on the meter will jump. Rotate the "ADJ" zero adjustment knob. If the reading jumps faster, adjust it in the opposite direction to make the reading stable. The reading jump is generally less than one word per second, which can be used normally. If it is adjusted to less than one word per ten seconds, the effect is better.


Step 4, Clear/RESET: Place the probe in a place without magnetism or iron nickel metal, press the "RESET" key on the front panel of the instrument or the light touch switch on the probe, and the meter will return to zero.


move the probe of the dx-201 Oxide Scale Tester close to the simulated pipe for measurement


Step 5, Measurement: First move the probe of the detector close to the simulated pipe for measurement, and the meter head will have corresponding reading changes. If the probe is fixed, the reading will also be a stable value. In this way, we can understand the proportional relationship between the test data and the oxide accumulation status, and determine the corresponding amount of data to be cut. If the oxide to be cut is put into the analog tube, and the result displayed by the detector is "4.00mwb", then this value is a reference value. During the field test, slide the probe on the pipeline, and when there is a blocked section, the reading of the meter will increase rapidly, such as "4.10mwb". Carry out about three inspections at this position to determine the average value of the three data, and determine whether to cut and remove the blockage according to the experimental data. It is suggested that the test process should be cleared frequently. The probe can be kept away from the pipeline, such as in the air, and then cleared to reduce the reading error caused by the accumulated drift of the instrument.

6) Charging: The detector can be used continuously for 4-8 hours after one-time saturation charging. If the power is insufficient, the following phenomena will occur: there is no display on the meter after startup; The display of the meter is zero, and there is no reading change in the test; The test results are obviously low. At this time, it must be charged for 8-12 hours to saturate the battery again before it can be used. If it is not used for a long time, it is recommended to charge once a month for about 8 hours.



The boiler tube oxide scale nondestructive tester is a dedicated power plant oxide scale detection instrument developed by our company, which adopts patented technology designed test probe, combined with the universal fluxmeter.
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