DX-220A Digital Flux Meter

Built-in 24bit AD high-precision data acquisition system independently developed by Dexinmag, the acquisition resolution reaches one millionth, and the display resolution reaches one millionth. During the measurement process, the data will not be lost, and various magnetic fields or permanent magnets can be measured. Magnetic flux Ф and other data, and has functions such as automatic sorting of upper and lower limits. The instrument is equipped with an automatic control interface, which can realize automatic quality screening and control of the measurement parts.
The DX-220A digital fluxmeter adopts the "record zero first and then test method" to eliminate the zero point of the magnetic flux, reducing the cumbersome operation of repeated zero reset by the user. It can be widely used in the research and analysis of permanent magnets, soft magnetic materials, etc. In fact, it is necessary to configure windows host computer software to realize massive data storage.


Features of DX-220A Digital Flxu Meter


1. Adopting a medical grade 3.5 inch TFT true color screen design, a 6-digit numerical display is more accurate;

2. Adopting intelligent drift adjustment dynamic algorithm, the entire drift adjustment process does not require manual intervention;

3. Using the "zero first and then test method" to eliminate the magnetic flux zero point, the operation is simple and the magnetic flux value is directly displayed;

4. Equipped with upper and lower limit sorting functions and displaying OK/NG sorting results;

5. Equipped with automated communication interfaces to achieve rapid automated magnetic flux testing and sorting work;

6. Automatically compatible with multiple measuring coils and measuring fixtures, without the need to adjust various parameters;

7. Equipped with a standard USB interface and optional software to form an automatic measurement system, achieving massive data storage;


Parameters of DX-220A Digital Flxu Meter


Input power 

AC 220V±10% 50/60Hz 1A

Display mode TFT true color LCD screen six-digit display
Overall dimensions

307mmx260mmx120mm (Width * depth * height)

Weight  About 3.5kg
Environment  Temperature: 0℃-50℃; Humidity: 40%-85% RH

Thermal equilibrium time

Access the signal input device for about 20 minutes and wait for the drift to be stable
Magnetic flux range

10mwb/20mwb/50mwb/100mwb Four-speed range (expandable)

Minimum resolution

0.1µwb(Full range application)

Drift adjustment  Intelligent automatic drift adjustment, no manual operation
Integral drift 

≤1µwb/minutes or 0.01%RG②/minutes(Let's take the larger value of both)


≤0.3%RD①+10µwb(≥50% Full scale)

Sorting function Set upper and lower limit sorting parameters
Communication interface Type B USB port
Automatic interface Weld-free butt interface (optional)
Digital output RS232C interface (Optional)
Analog output Full-scale corresponding ±10V, weld-free butt interface (optional)
Measuring software

It is available for Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 10 32/64-bit operating systems

①RD indicates the read value;②RG is the current range value;

remarks: In view of the continuous upgrading of the product, the actual contract shall prevail


Introduction to Testing Methods


Testing the magnetic flux of a cylinder: Place the sample in the sample stage to ensure that the magnetic field line passes vertically through the coil.



Test the magnetic flux of the magnetic tile: Place the sample in the sample stage to ensure that the magnetic field line passes vertically through the coil.



Schematic diagram of coil measurement sample magnetic flux: Place the longitudinal probe in the central area of the solenoid and perpendicular to the magnetic field line.

DX-220A digital flux meter adopts high-speed ARM microprocessor, combined with high-sensitivity electronic analog integrator technology, and uses drift adjustment dynamic algorithm to realize automatic drift adjustment function of fluxmeter, which greatly improves work efficiency.
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