Liquid Nitrogen Cryostat

The Liquid Nitrogen Cryostat developed by Dexing Magnet is a low-temperature thermostat based on the steady-state bubble principle. Liquid nitrogen contains in the liquid nitrogen tank. By adjusting the cone air plug clearance and changing the boiling condition of the gas-liquid interface, the heat leakage of the constant temperature block is approximately stabilized at a certain value. Then the heating power can be adjusted by the temperature control instrument to make the sample seat change the temperature between 65K-800K rapidly and balance exactly on the set temperature.


Performance and characteristics of Liquid Nitrogen Cryostat:


1. Wide temperature range (65K ~ 800K), high efficiency and fast cooling speed;
2. The sample has an ideal stable environment in a vacuum;
3. a low-temperature adsorbent is arranged in the vacuum interlayer, so that the vacuum can be kept for a long time, and the use time of the liquid nitrogen is prolonged;
4. Selection of PT100 Platinum Resistor with good Stability and repeatability for temperature Sensor;
5. A variety of options to meet different test requirements;
6. Convenient use, perfusion and secondary injection of liquid nitrogen; no need for equipment such as pumps and compressors, saving laboratory space, continuous operation of the system without maintenance;
7. The optical sample holder can install the sample quickly. The electrical sample holder has beautiful and easy-to-use wiring terminal;
8. Different sizes, different requirements of liquid nitrogen thermostat can be designed according to customer requirements. (optical, electrical, magnetic, thermal experiments).


Parameters of Dexinmag series Liquid Nitrogen Cryostat


Liquid nitrogen storage capacity 400 ml
Ultimate vacuum 10-4 Pa
Optical window No No 2-5,∅40mm*3mm
Test sample quantity at the same time 1 1 2
Temperature range 65K-500K(Temperature zone can be added to 800K)

Temperature Accuracy



  • Number of measurement leads: 8 (can be added);
  • Lead material: four-color phosphor bronze low-temperature wire (low-temperature coaxial wire optional);
  • Sample size: standard 30mm*30mm or less (sample stage can be customized);
  • Test connector: 8-core aviation plug (optional BNC, SMA connector, etc.);
  • Window material: fused quartz or other band materials, such as ZnSe, KBr, TPX and other materials are optional;
  • The installation of the vacuum cover adopts the latest quick-tightening clamp mode, which not only improves the convenience of replacing samples, but also avoids the impact on the normal use of the equipment due to repeated disassembly and assembly;
  • Sample holder: standard electrical, standard optical, probe type, plug-in type, etc. optional (can be customized);
  • Main applications: variable temperature testing, variable temperature + magnetic field, variable temperature + magnetic field + optics, and cooperation with various spectrometers;
  • Other special types: atmosphere type, continuous flow type;
  • Other non-standard customization is acceptable.


Customized Liquid Nitrogen Cryostat

Customized Liquid Nitrogen Cryostat



Sample Chamber of Cryostat

Sample Chamber of Cryostat


Customized Liquid Nitrogen Cryostat usage scenario

Usage scenario of Liquid Nitrogen Cryostat


Dexinmag Liquid Nitrogen Cryostat has the advantages of wide temperature range(65K~800K), high efficiency, fast cooling speed, stable environment, and many options. It has become the preferred low-temperature acquisition equipment for many scientific research experiments.
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