DX-MAG Capacitive Pulse Magnetizer

When the set voltage is reached, the charging circuit is turned off. Finally, after the SCR is controlled, the high power-removing energy is discharged through the magnetizing coil to generate a strong magnetic field to saturate the magnet.
DX-MAG series capacitive pulse magnetizer is satisfied with the magnetization of products made of permanent magnets, such as horns, DC motors, DC fans, stepping motors, rubber magnets, toys, etc. , With excellent performance such as low energy consumption, high efficiency, fast magnetizing speed, etc., various magnetizing fixtures can be designed for users.


Features of the capacitive pulse magnetizer


1. Low power consumption, using discharge flux recovery technology, low coil heating
2. High charging and discharging efficiency, three times higher than that of traditional magnetizer
3. The magnetizing flat tool can be designed according to user needs, with high precision and durability.


Technical parameter


DX-MAG12C series capacitive pulse magnetizer
Model DX-MAG-12C20 DX-MAG-12C30 DX-MAG-12C40
Input power AC220±10% AC380±10% AC380±10%
Input current 40A 40A 40A
Charging voltage DC200V-1200V DC200V-1200V DC200V-1200V
Capacitance capacity 2000uF 3000uF 4000uF
Store energy 1440J 2160J 2880J
Output current 15kA 15kA 15kA
Magnetization interval 1.0 seconds/time 1.5seconds/time 2.0 seconds/time


DX-MAG25C series capacitive pulse magnetizer
Model DX-MAG-25C10 DX-MAG-25C15 DX-MAG-25C20
Input power AC220±10% AC380±10% AC380±10%
Incoming current 40A 40A 40A
Charge Voltage DC200V-2500V DC200V-2500V DC200V-2500V
Capacitance 1000uF 1600uF 2000uF
Stored energy 3125J 5000J 6250J
Output current 30kA 30kA 30kA
Magnetization interval 2.0 seconds/time 3.0seconds/time 3.0 seconds/time



DX-MAG series capacitive pulse magnetizing/demagnetizing machines are composed of high-voltage oil-immersed pulse capacitors, silicon controlled rectifiers and control circuits. The AC power increases the power supply voltage through the isolation transformer, and then is converted into DC by the rectifier to charge the capacitor. The high-voltage direct current energy is stored in the capacitor.
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