DXMM-20C80S Capacitive Magnetizer Machine

The output voltage can be adjusted continuously, easy to control the magnetizing magnetic field strength. For ferrite, aluminum nickel and cobalt, magnetic rubber, NdFeB,rare-earth permanent magnet, such as a variety of sizes and shapes of magnets, and medium, small motor internal and external magnetizing and a lot of specifications speaker magnetizing.

With excellent performance of low energy consumption, high efficiency, and fast magnetization. In accordance with the requirements of users to increase the demagnetization function, we provide various matched magnetizing fixtures.



The working principle of capacitive magnetizer

DXMM-20C80S magnetizer is composed of high-pressure oil-immersed capacitor SCR (SCR) and control circuit. Rise the power supply voltage, and transform to DC through a rectifier to charge the capacitor. The high-voltage direct current energy stored in the capacitor, through control SCR, high-voltage energy discharges the magnetizing coil to generate a strong magnetic field to magnetize the magnet saturation.


Technical Parameters of DXMM-20C80S Capacitive Magnetizer


Power source model


Input voltage

AC 110V±5%V  60HZ 

Output voltage


Charge voltage fineness


Electric capacity


Biggest pulse current


Biggest stored energy


Magnetizes the cycle


Electric circuit control

SCR(Siliconcontrol triggercircuit)


Magnetizing Coils


Inner diameter: 60 mm
Height: 150mm
Cooling method: water cooling
Maximum pulsed magnetic field:6.0T
Temperature resistance: 150℃



Equipment maintenance and notes

1) This device is high-voltage electrical equipment, the working environment must be dustproof, moisture, and ventilation, preventing the conductive dust from flying into the body, if occurred, the conductive dust should be immediately cleared; (such as using air guns)

2) Set the magnetizing strength according to the actual production, if too high, the power consumption will be large and magnetizing fixture will be hot, which will affect service life; generally do not exceed 2500V (the voltage of the machine has been set).

3) Do not place the equipment near electrical equipment such as computers, air conditioners, do not place any item on the equipment;

4) Do not place any object within the equipment ventilation district 300mm, no flammable, explosive objects or corrosive gas near it.

5) The wire of this equipment can not be placed in the aisles, do not damage any wires;

6) Do not upside down or recline the equipment during handling and transportation, if need to tilt, the tilt angle can not be more than 45 degrees;

7) In order to avoid the risk of electric shock, do not open the cabinet. If need to repair, it should be done by a qualified professional service technician or notify the company to send someone to repair. Any electrical shock caused by self-disassembly, self-maintenance or improper operation, our company is irresponsible;

8) Without our permission, the user can not open the host during the warranty period. Warranty is only valid under normal use, please operate in accordance with the instructions. Man-made damages caused by maintenance without our permission, self-disassembly, connecting inappropriate accessories, equipment waterlog or impurities, migration and accessories required update exceeding warranty period are not within the scope of the warranty. Due to wearing or the limitation of service lifted, the external devices are not covered by the warranty, such as foot switch, magnetizing fixture, indicator lights, fans, voltmeter, timely maintenance and replacement;

9) Do not place metal tools, electronic components, watches and other items near the magnetizing fixture or cable during operation;

10) Make sure that the main power is turned off and the energy storage capacitor is discharged before overhaul;

11) Turn off the power after operation;

12) Please use the specified coil. If used close to the short-circuit of the coil, the large current may damage the SCR;

13) The products sold by our company have our dedicated nameplate, which is the credential of the after-sales service warranty, please keep it well. If damaged (the words are unclear) or lost, this equipment will not enjoy free warranty service.

14) The power line should be inspected according to safety standards before operation every time; it should be replaced every six months;

15) Magnetizing fixture should use radiator coolant in a car as cooling liquid, (replace frequently when using water) and within the normal range of liquid level.

16) If occur failure, the equipment should be stopped immediately, and continue to work after removing the fault.



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