One-dimensional Vertical Magnetic Field Probe Station

Detailed parameter introduction


Model DX1PS2
Mmagnetic field direction Vertical
Maximum magnetic field strength >1.2T
Is the air gap adjustable The upper yoke can be removed
Sample size 20mm*20mm (4-inch wafer test can be upgraded)
Air gap 7mm
Probe type and quantity DC probes (4 sets)/microwave probes (4 sets)
Sample Stage Parameters XY axis movement stroke ± 15 mm, horizontal displacement adjustment accuracy 1um, T axis 5° fine adjustment
Microscope type monocular microscope
Product description One-dimensional magnetic field probe station, providing vertical magnetic field, the uniformity of magnetic field is ±1%@d2mm;
Real-time monitoring and feedback of magnetic field strength, the monitoring accuracy is better than 1%, and the magnetic field resolution is better than 0.02mT;
The magnetic yoke on the vertical magnet can be moved, which is convenient for microscope observation during needle sticking;
It can satisfy 4 groups of DC probes for simultaneous testing, and 4 groups of microwave probes can be placed.
Equipment can provide upgrade points The sample multi-axis test stage is upgraded to semi-automatic;
Probe plane fast lifting function;
It can be upgraded to a 4-inch wafer magnetic field probe station.



One-dimensional magnetic field probe station, providing vertical magnetic field, the uniformity of magnetic field is ±1%@d2mm;
Real-time monitoring and feedback of magnetic field strength, the monitoring accuracy is better than 1%, and the magnetic field resolution is better than 0.02mT;
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