Wafer Level Automatic in-plane Magnetic Field Probe Station

Detailed parameter introduction


Model DX1PS3
Magnetic field direction In-plane
Magnetic field strength In-plane magnetic field>330mT
Is the air gap adjustable No
Sample size 12-inch wafer (downward compatible with fragmentation test)
Probe type and quantity DC probes (set of 4) or microwave probes (set of 4)
Sample Stage Parameters XY electric control travel ±150mm, adjustment accuracy 2 um; T-axis manual adjustment ±5°, minimum adjustment accuracy 5°
Microscope type Monocular microscope
Product description ▹ In-plane/perpendicular magnetic field probe station, except for the magnet, the structural versatility design magnetic field uniformity is ±1%@d1mm;
▹ Real-time monitoring and feedback of magnetic field strength, the monitoring accuracy is better than 1%, and the magnetic field resolution is better than 0.02mT;
▹ Holds up to 12-inch wafers and is backward compatible with 8-inch and 6-inch chips;
▹ Compatible with up to 4 sets of probes (RF or DC test);
▹ Provide Z-axis probe platform rapid lifting function to achieve efficient testing.
Equipment can provide upgrade points The manual lifting function of the Z-axis probe platform can be upgraded to electric control



In-plane magnetic field probe station, with universal design except for magnet, magnetic field uniformity ±1%@φ1 mm;
Real-time monitoring and feedback of magnetic field strength, the monitoring accuracy is better than 1%, and the magnetic field resolution is better than 0.02 mT;
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