DXMM-20C20 Pulse Magnetizer

Cabinet chassis structure, used to optimize circuit design, energy storage capacitors for high voltage oil-immersed power long-life capacitor. Rigorous testing means power, long working life, strict material selection and excellent cost performance. At the same time, the output voltage can be adjusted continuously, easy to control the magnetizing magnetic field strength. For ferrite, aluminum nickel and cobalt, magnetic rubber, Nd FeB, rare-earth permanent magnet, such as a variety of sizes and shapes of magnets, and medium, small motor internal and external magnetizing and a lot of specifications speaker magnetizing. In accordance with the requirements of users to increase the demagnetization function, we provide various matched magnetizing fixtures.


Technical Parameters are as follows:


Power source model


Input voltage

50Hz 220V/40A

Output voltage


Charge voltage fineness


Electric capacity


Maximum pulse current


Maximum stored energy


Magnetizes the cycle


Function of Demagnetize


Electric circuit control

SCR (Silicon control trigger circuit)

Continuous Magnetization Quantity

(pcs/each time)

50pcs/each time



Air-cooled Magnetizing Coil


Air-cooled Magnetizing Coil of DXMM-20C20 Pulse Magnetizer

  1. Inner Diameter: 60 mm;
  2. Heat Dissipation Method: Natural Heat Dissipation;
  3. Maximum Pulsed Magnetic Field: 4T (3200kA/m);
  4. Temperature Resistance: 150℃.


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User Manual of DXMM-20C20 Pulse Magnetizer


DXMM-20C20 Pulse Magnetizer could magnetize the permanent magnetic materials and components, such as Sm-Co, Nd-Fe-B, Sr-Ba constant magnet, plastic magnet, magnetic tape & Al-Ni-Co, etc. This machine has high production efficiency and could be widely used for production lines.
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