Liquid Nitrogen (Helium) Cryostat - Continuous Flow

The Dexinmag continuous flow liquid nitrogen (helium) thermostat is a thermostat for samples in flowing steam. It can effectively cool samples that are difficult to thermally anchor, have poor thermal conductivity, or have irregular shapes. When in use, the low-pressure refrigerant enters the interior of the thermostat from the infusion pipe through the liquid inlet, and then enters the evaporation amplifier inside the thermostat through the pre-laid low-temperature heat leakage capillary inside the thermostat. A heater and temperature controller are installed on the evaporator. Sensor, the temperature-controlled steam is injected into the sample chamber. The steam after cooling the sample is discharged into the atmosphere through the air outlet or into a gas recovery device to achieve secondary utilization of the gas. This type of continuous flow thermostat is still designed to load the sample at the top. The overall design of the thermostat is compact and cooperates with the magnets and brackets produced by Dexinmag to facilitate placement in the magnetic field and at the same time obtain a larger magnetic field.


Functions and features:


  • Variable temperature range (4K~325K), (80K~325K), (optional 475K) has good cooling effect and the sample is heated evenly;
  • Suitable for cooling samples with irregular shapes and low thermal conductivity;
  • When the temperature range is 4K-325K, use a silicon diode temperature sensor. When the temperature range is 80K-325K, use a PT100 platinum resistance sensor with good stability and repeatability. In magnetic fields, it is suitable to use CernoxTM magnetic field insensitive temperature sensors;
  • Top loading enables rapid sample change;
  • Built-in charcoal to improve vacuum;
  • Can be customized according to customer requirements;
  • Comes standard with 8 measurement leads, which can be expanded to 32;
  • Detachable stainless steel infusion lines are used to connect the cryostat to the Dewar, with a needle valve to control flow.


Technical Parameters:


Item Technical Parameters
Temperature range 4K-325K, 80K-325K
Cooling time (Room temperature-80K) about 20 minutes; (Room temperature-4.2K) about 30 minutes
Electrical connector Standard configuration is an 8-pin electrical measurement connector
Thermometer PT100 thermometer, diode thermometer, Cernox thermometer optional
Temperature stability +0.01K depends on temperature controller
Heater 1 50w heater
Vacuum interface KF25 standard interface
Sample rotation angle Samples can be rotated 360 degrees
Required vacuum degree The vacuum degree of the sandwich layer and the vacuum degree of the sample cavity are ≤1Pa.
Liquid nitrogen consumption 1.5L@4.2K/h
Liquid nitrogen chamber volume About 1.6L
Window selection Fused quartz, infrared silicon material, sapphire, zinc selenide, zinc sulfide, cadmium, telluride, germanium, silicon, cadmium fluoride, mylar, kapton, beryllium, etc. The size can be customized according to different usage requirements.
Selection instructions The main samples tested by this type of thermostat are liquids, powders, samples with poor thermal conductivity and irregular shapes.



DXRC-102 customized vacuum continuous flow cryostat


DXRC-102 customized vacuum continuous flow cryostat DXRC-102 customized vacuum continuous flow cryostat 2


DXRC-102 customized vacuum continuous flow cryostat 3 Sample Chamber of Cryostat Liquid Helium Infusion Tube


Liquid nitrogen (helium) cryostat - continuous flow is mainly suitable for cooling liquids, powders, samples with poor thermal conductivity and irregular shapes.
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