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  • Magnetic Declination Measurement System

    The DX-2012AM permanent magnet magnetic declination measuring instrument is composed of a three-dimensional Helmholtz coil connected to an independent three-component fluxmeter, which constitutes the hardware test part. The three-component test data is converted by a computer to form a complete set of permanent magnets Material quality testing system.

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  • Permanent Magnetic Material Automatic Measuring Equipment

    DX-2012H BH curve tracer / Hysteresis Graph analyzer is suitable for measuring the remanence Br, coercive force Hcb, internal magnetism of various ferrites, alnico, neodymium iron boron and samarium cobalt and other permanent magnetic materials. Magnetic performance parameters such as coercive force Hcj and maximum magnetic energy product BHmax, and display BH hysteresis loop and demagnetization curve.

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  • 1 Axis Helmholtz Coil

    Helmholtz Coil: the homogeneous area is big, and the use of the space is open, also easy to handle. It Can achieve that one-dimensional, two-dimensional and three-dimensional combination of the magnetic field, providing ac and dc magnetic field, and electric current and magnetic field can have a good linear relationship.

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  • DXSB Double-Yoke Double-Tuning Adjustable Air Gap Electromagnet

    The magnetic field is both-way adjustable, the yoke structure is a closed magnetic circuit, so it has good rigidity, the magnetic field direction is horizontal, and the supporting yoke rises 45°to the ground for operating the sample easily. Apply to Hall effect studies, magnetoresistance effect studies, magnetostriction studies, torque magnetometer, force method magnetometer, VSM, magnetic ability measuring equipment, magnetic materials measuring equipment, etc.

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  • Silicon Steel Sheet Iron Loss Tester

    DX-30SST silicon steel sheet iron loss tester adopts a small-scale magnetic permeability meter design (30SST) and refers to the general magnetic permeability meter test standard, through the transfer of the value traced to the source of the opposite ring sample, the effective magnetic circuit length is determined, and the complete air magnetic flux compensation, to meet the direct measurement of a single sample, the test is very convenient and more accurate.

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  • DX-102 Portable DC Gaussmeter

    DX-102 Gaussmeter is a portable Gauss meter, based on the latest progress of the Hall effect magnetic field measuring instrument, adopted DSP technology. Test probe adopts import GaAs linear Hall chip, the difference between any two probes is small, if damaged, it can be replaced directly. DX-102 Gaussmeter is an ideal DC magnetic field test instrument.

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