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Xiamen Dexing Magnet Tech. Co., Ltd. is a strong Chinese equipment manufacturer that proposes a dedicated range of Vibrating Sample Magnetometer, Hall effect systems, gaussmeter, fluxmeter, electromagnets, Helmholtz coils, magnetizers, magnetic material property testing systems, and other magnetoelectric equipment.

The products produced by Dexinmag company are widely recognized and praised by international counterparts. At present, the Dexinmag company has established cooperative relations with many schools and institutions at home and abroad for more than 30 years, such as Singapore Polytechnic University, Caltech, Columbia University, Nanyang Technological University, University of Florida, Boston College, University of Bath, University of Hull, Shandong University, Wuhan University, China Institute of Metrology, Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences, University of Hong Kong, etc.

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All of Dexinmag company's products can be customized; We can cooperate with customers to certify the certificate they want.